WOW! Custom education makes sense.

WOW!'s Mission

WOW! Custom Education, LLC, empowers students and their families to unleash the magic and inspiration in learning. WOW!’s highly trained educators guide and support learners through meaningful, experiential, rigorous and customized instruction via innovative and flexible educational solutions.

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WOW! Provides 

Homeschool consultation services for parents

Customized, individualized curriculum development based on the individual needs of each learner

Flexible, in-home instruction 

Ongoing support and training for parent-teachers 

Liaisons between family and home school 

In-home tutoring and academic enhancement for students in grades Pre-K through 12

Connections between homeschool families, including safe, deliberate and positive social opportunities to expand the homeschool experience

Specific arts, music, physical education, and/or academic remediation instruction 

Support for parent-teachers who coordinate homeschool instruction for multiple learners 

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Who Needs WOW!

The learner who would benefit from customized and enhanced academic and social instruction, support and attention

The learner who needs specific, targeted and/or remedial academic support to be more successful in a traditional school setting

The learner who thrives on engaging, inspiring and enriching learning experiences during school vacations and breaks

The family who seeks to provide and nurture safe, positive and deliberate social interactions and behaviors for their children

The learner who needs more inspiring, meaningful and enriching instruction than what is offered in a traditional school setting

The learner who learns best from engaging, inspiring and enriching instructional experiences

The homeschooling parent who needs support, guidance and inspiration 

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