WOW! We're on a Mission!

WOW! Custom Education, LLC, empowers students and their families to unleash the magic and inspiration in learning. WOW!’s expert educators guide and support learners through meaningful, experiential, rigorous and customized instruction via innovative and flexible educational solutions.


WOW! designs and develops a customized, comprehensive and personalized homeschool curriculum that best meets the needs of each learner and family.

WOW! consultants guide parents in implementing instruction. WOW! teachers will also implement some or all of the instruction in your own home setting.

WOW!'s teachers provide Tutoring and School Enhancement Instruction to create inspiring, meaningful, inquiry-based and enriching learning opportunities and remedial instruction for learners in all core content areas.

WOW! offers enriching learning experiences during school vacations, breaks and after school to support and enhance academic instruction, encourage creativity and curiosity, and provide social opportunities for learners of all ages.

WOW! helps families understand the types of services available to students in school environments, and supports families as they navigate the process of finding the most appropriate supports for students, including helping families work with their schools in a constructive and mutually supportive manner.

WOW!'s consultants have the experience, knowledge and familiarity with educational options to help families make the most informed and thoughtful school choice for their children.